The Brand

Created in 2013, DANWARD is a lifestyle resort collection designed for men who have an elevated sensibility and who seek quality.

At DANWARD, our philosophy is to create refined, unique, urban swimwear and accessories that are of the highest quality and sophistication, and to deliver great value to our customers.

Our collections are designed and produced in Italy and consists of a complete swimwear range, footwear, accessories, jersey and light sportswear.

Our fabrics are woven and printed in the Lake Como region of Italy and sew by the best Italian craftsman. Our footwear is made in partner factories surrounding Florence.


DANWARD can now be found in many of the leading luxury retails in over 23 different counties. In additional to traditional retail, the brand is also assorted in the many of the world’s leading 5 and 6 star resorts.

In 2015 DANWARD launched its own on-line store.

The designer

Dan Ward was born in the United States and spent his youth in Japan and for the past 25 years he has been living and working throughout Europe.

He began is fashion career in Paris at Hermès where he was responsible for global merchandising of menswear. He then relocated to London and join Alfred Dunhill, where he led design and merchandising. His unique skills then took him to Switzerland and Bally where he directed the brands design and merchandising. Finally, before creating his own brand, Dan moved to Florence and to serve as President of Design and Merchandising for Calvin Klein.

His signature collection leverages his intimate understanding of the global luxury market and his personal love of the sea.

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