This is a message for those who take sunning seriously and are tired multiple beach changes between shorts for discretion and briefs for sunning.   We’ve designed a sleek, invisible, feather weight brief – that you can wear under your shorts, KOS.  We’ve removed the bulking waistband construction and replaced it with our simple graphic stretch webbing.  This ultimate SUNNING SUIT is so light, you’ll forget you have it on.  Is it a brief or a ‘beach underwear’?  You decided!

Have you ever wonders what goes into designing a quality brief?   For sure, when you are wearing so little – it has to be PERFECT!  Here are a few of the many considerations we incorporate into our designs to make our briefs exceptional.

Fitting is always key.  Too much cover, and a guy looks like something out of a 50’s review.  Not enough, and he’ll be showing more than anyone might care to see.  Our silhouettes are honed and strike a perfect balance between – sexy yet sophisticated. 

Fabric choice is critical.   We’ve selected the best Lycra available on the market – Made in Italy – soft and extra fine.  On the lighter side of mid-weight, the ‘hand’ allows for excellent comfort and breathability.  All DANWARD suits are lined to avoid transparency.  

Our Lycra is also super resistant and is 10 times more stable in salt water and chlorine than other swimwear fabrics.  With exceptional drying ability and memory – your suit will retain its shape while requiring minimal care.  Finally, for protection and to keep it cool – our lyrca protects against the sun’s rays to up to UPF 50+.  All our personalized hardware is made of anticorrosive nickel.

DANWARD color direction is unique with its urban feel.  Our signature pallet includes colors that are vibrant yet elevated.  To ensure that colors do not fade over time – we recommend that you rinse your suit immediately after each use, machine wash it at 40°C, do not use bleach, and avoid spin drying.  We have designed in all DANWARD swimwear, a convenient webbed loop sewn into the waistband, to allow you to dry your suit without deforming it.

Check out our KOS brief and slip into an exceptionally comfortable suit.

Available in 6 colors.

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