‘Growing up on the beaches of Japan, I fell in love with the sea, the sun, and the sense of freedom they evoke.  My heart still races during the first spring morning when I sense the promise of summer, the warmth of the sun on my face – the hint of sea in the air’.   


DANWARD was born out of my passions for summer and fashion.  I created my brand for others like me, who chase the feeling of summer and who have a strong personal style, a signature that we do not want to abandon when heading off on holidays.  DANWARD is for people who love quality, the understated and elegance, those who ooze a sexy sophistication.  After a decade of designing for men, in 2022 I felt the urge to design our first women’s collection.  Though working on a different gender – the sensibility is the same.


Our direction is urban, elegant, and modern.  Shapes are honed to be sexy, yet refined and comfortable.  Lines are pure and balanced, often graphic, and asymmetric.  Our signature is an easy harmony between simplicity and quality.  The brand’s palette is powerful and clear – and colors are paired in unexpected combination.  DANWARD collections strike the balance between modernism and classicism to produce garments that are enduring must-haves in any resort wardrobe.


Dan Ward was born in the USA to French and Italian parents.  At the age of eleven, his family left the USA for Japan where he grew up on the beaches.  Dan returned to the USA to pursue his university studies and earned degrees in Chemistry, Biology and Commercial Photography.  Upon completing his studies, Dan moved to Paris to begin his fashion career, leading design and merchandising for many global brands such as Hermès, Bally, and Calvin Klein.  Dan is an avid swimmer and has won over 40 national and European swimming titles.  

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