Before modern medicine - SUNLIGHT was used to heal.  Nature is driven by sunlight; take it away and see what happens. Deprived of sunlight - we humans lose our STRENGTH and VIGOR

VITAMIN D – the ‘Sunshine Vitamin’ – comes from the sun – all you need is 5-15 minutes/day,  2 to 3 times/week.  You don’t even need to get naked – sunlight on your face and hands will do the trick.  So, take a walk - the SUN will clear your head, releases stress, and increases your circulation. Know that 75% of your VitD needs come directly from the SUN.

VitD also helps you absorb calcium – which you need for strong bones and a great smile.  It also increases O2 flow in your blood – which bumps up your energy, sharpens your metal awareness, and improves your feeling of wellbeing. 

Get yourself some sun – not only will you look like a million bucks – but you’ll feel like it too!

Dan Ward


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